<![CDATA[Popular Episodes - Watch Series]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 https://static.swatchseries.to/templates/default/images/logo.png <![CDATA[Popular Episodes - Watch Series]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to XML::RSS en-us http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 30 <![CDATA[Why Women Kill, Season 1, Episode 10 - Kill Me as If It Were the Last Time]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/why_women_kill_s1_e10.html Aired: 2019-10-17. Kill or be killed, that is the question. After learning the shocking truth about her daughter's death, Beth Ann devises a plan for revenge that could alter the course of many li...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Challenge, Season 34, Episode 8 - Saving Private Esther]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_challenge:_battle_of_the_exes_s34_e8.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Set in the middle of the jungle, “The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2” returns to a classic team format; 14 Brits will battle it out against 14 Americans for their share of the $...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 14, Episode 4 - The Gang Chokes]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/its_always_sunny_in_philadelphia_s14_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Annoyed that the Gang failed to react as he nearly choked to death on an appetizer, Frank decides the Waiter, his savior, is the only person who has his back.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Daily Show, Season 25, Episode 11 - Cyntoia Brown-Long, Ali Wong]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_daily_show_s25_e11.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Forget trying to keep pace with 24 hour news networks; the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view o...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Stumptown, Season 1, Episode 4 - Family Ties]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/stumptown_s1_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Based on the graphic novel series, “Stumptown” follows Dex Parios – a strong, assertive and sharp-witted army veteran with a complicated love life, gambling debt and a brother t...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Chicago P.D., Season 7, Episode 4 - Infection (3)]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/chicago_p_d__s7_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. After zeroing in on the suspect responsible for the bioterrorism that's gripping Chicago, the PD prepares to undertake their biggest manhunt yet. Upton is torn between helping t...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[South Park, Season 23, Episode 4 - Episode 4]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/south_park_s23_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. South Park is an animated series featuring four boys who live in the Colorado town of South Park, which is beset by frequent odd occurrences. The show grew out of a short film t...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Nancy Drew, Season 1, Episode 2 - The Secret of the Old Morgue]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/nancy_drew_2019__s1_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-16. When Nancy learns that Tiffany Hudson's corpse is being moved out of Horseshoe Bay for a private autopsy, she puts her investigation into Lucy Sable's dress on hold to pull off ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Seal Team, Season 3, Episode 3 - Adapt and Overcome]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/seal_team_s3_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-16. SEAL Team is a military drama that follows the professional and personal lives of an elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan, and execute high-stakes missions.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Chicago Med, Season 5, Episode 4 - Infection (2)]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/chicago_med_s5_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Dr. Manning's actions with a recent patient lead to serious repercussions. April and Noah disagree over a patient who is injured after a beating. Dr. Charles is visited by a chi...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Single Parents, Season 2, Episode 4 - Big Widow Wives]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/single_parents_s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. After a house incident leaves Graham in fear of staying in his and Angie's home, Angie enlists Will to help her get the house back together; however, there is a hiccup in the pl...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Chicago Fire, Season 8, Episode 4 - Infection (1)]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/chicago_fire_s8_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. A rare but deadly bacteria takes its toll on numerous victims around the city, leaving Chicago's finest first responders to work together alongside the CDC to resolve the danger...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[S.W.A.T., Season 3, Episode 3 - Funny Money]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/s_w_a_t__s3_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-16. The SWAT team bumps heads with Lynch when she signs them up for an off-book undercover operation to take down a local gang printing counterfeit money, without giving them enough...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Survivor, Season 39, Episode 4 - Plan Z]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/survivor_s39_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. A "showmance" could create distractions and paint a target on two castaways' backs. Also, after a visit with Boston Rob and Sandra on Island of the Idols, one castaway has a cha...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Almost Family, Season 1, Episode 3 - Notorious AF]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/almost_family_s1_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Almost Family centers on only child Julia Bechley, who finds her life turned upside down when her father is forced to reveal that over the course of his pioneering career as a f...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Schooled, Season 2, Episode 4 - Kick Like A Girl]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/schooled_s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Hoping to improve the football team's chances at winning the title, Coach Mellor and Principal Glascott recruit star soccer player Felicia to kick field goals. But soon, she is ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Riverdale, Season 4, Episode 2 - Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/riverdale_us__s4_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Archie encourages Mad Dog to attend Riverdale High and join the football team. Jughead meets Mr. Chipping, who offers him a spot at an elite school called Stonewall Prep. Veroni...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Mr. Mercedes, Season 3, Episode 6 - Bad to Worse]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/mr_mercedes_s3_e6.html Aired: 2019-10-15. Based on Stephen King’s best-selling Bill Hodges Trilogy, which includes, "Mr. Mercedes", "Finders Keepers" and "End of Watch". Season 1: Two years ago, a psychopathic killer d...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Goldbergs, Season 7, Episode 4 - Animal House]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/The_Goldbergs_s7_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Barry decides to rush a fraternity, but it doesn't quite work out as he expects. Meanwhile, Beverly and Murray find themselves getting closer to being empty nesters, which means...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Masked Singer, Season 2, Episode 4 - Once Upon a Mask]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_masked_singer_s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. A top-secret singing competition in which celebrities face off against each other and appear in elaborate costumes with full facemasks to conceal their identities. American vers...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Modern Family, Season 11, Episode 4 - Pool Party]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/modern_family_s11_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-16. Mitch and Cam help Lily overcome her insecurities about wearing a bathing suit to a pool party but discover their own. Now that Gloria's new internship is taking up so much of h...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[American Horror Story, Season 9, Episode 5 - Red Dawn]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/american_horror_story_s9_e5.html Aired: 2019-10-16. As twilight broaches, the survivors brace for a final brawl.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Impulse, Season 2, Episode 10 - Episode 10]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/impulse_s2_e10.html Aired: 2019-10-16. 16-year-old Henry Coles is an outsider in her new town of Reston, New York. With a major chip on her shoulder and no friends, she remains withdrawn and isolated, but everything ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Impulse, Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode 01]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/impulse_s2_e1.html Aired: 2019-10-16. 16-year-old Henry Coles is an outsider in her new town of Reston, New York. With a major chip on her shoulder and no friends, she remains withdrawn and isolated, but everything ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Daily Show, Season 25, Episode 10 - Alex Wagner]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_daily_show_s25_e10.html Aired: 2019-10-15. Forget trying to keep pace with 24 hour news networks; the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view o...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Season 1, Episode 9 - I Declare War]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/wu-tang_an_american_saga_s1_e9.html Aired: 2019-10-16. The Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Tosh.0, Season 11, Episode 15 - Episode 15]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/tosh.0_s11_e15.html Aired: 2019-10-15. With razor sharp wit and biting commentary, comedian Daniel Tosh delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious in this new weekl...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Voice, Season 17, Episode 8 - The Battles, Part 2]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_voice_s17_e8.html Aired: 2019-10-15. The coaches enlist mentors Normani (Team Kelly), Darius Rucker (Team Blake), Usher (Team Legend), and will.i.am (Team Gwen) to help prepare the artists to go head-to-head in the...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Mayans MC, Season 2, Episode 7 - Tohil]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/mayans_mc_s2_e7.html Aired: 2019-10-15. EZ and the MC fight fire with fire, careful to not be burned in the process.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Treadstone, Season 1, Episode 1 - The Cicada Protocol]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/treadstone_s1_e1.html Aired: 2019-10-15. From the world of Jason Bourne, agents across the globe are "awakening" to resume deadly missions.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Black-ish, Season 6, Episode 4 - When I Grow Up (to Be a Man)]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/black-ish_s6_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. Jack gets cut from the basketball team and it leads to a family discussion about him being short for his age. Dre is worried for his future, but Bow feels strongly that Jack wil...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[This Is Us, Season 4, Episode 4 - Flip a Coin]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/this_is_us_s4_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. Kevin reflects on his past. Rebecca visits Randall at college. Beth's mom comes to visit. Kate and Toby share new experiences with baby Jack.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Arrow, Season 8, Episode 1 - Starling City]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/arrow_s8_e1.html Aired: 2019-10-15. While trying to decipher The Monitor's mission, Oliver returns to Starling City where he encounters familiar faces. Meanwhile, Mia and William's team clash with a new foe.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Purge, Season 2, Episode 1 - This Is Not a Test]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_purge_s2_e1.html Aired: 2019-10-15. Four interconnected characters navigate the aftermath of the Purge over the ensuing year.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[FBI, Season 2, Episode 4 - An Imperfect Science]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/fbi_s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. After a shooting at a nightclub, it appears that the FBI may have ignored previous threats from a local white supremacist group. Also, Kristen wrestles with her commitment to th...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[mixed-ish, Season 1, Episode 4 - Love is a Battlefield]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/mixed-ish_s1_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. When Rainbow is tasked with a school assignment that requires her to trace her roots, she learns that history is more complicated for her mom's side of the family than it is for...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Empire, Season 6, Episode 4 - Tell the Truth]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/empire-2_s6_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. A happy family occasion brings the Lyon family back together, but it becomes apparent that no one seems to see eye-to-eye. Lucious, unhappy with how Empire and the Empire movie ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Bless This Mess, Season 2, Episode 4 - Bang for Your Buck]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/bless_this_mess_s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. A newlywed couple's plan to ditch big city living for a simpler life in Nebraska doesn't go as expected.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[NCIS, Season 17, Episode 4 - Someone Else's Shoes]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/ncis_s17_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. The NCIS team links a bizarre crime scene at Arlington National Cemetery to a string of attacks on homeless veterans.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Flash, Season 6, Episode 2 - A Flash of the Lightning]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_flash_2014__s6_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-15. Faced with the news of his impending death, Barry's resiliency suffers as he struggles to fight fate. Meanwhile, Cecile's career as a D.A. conflicts with her identity when she c...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Emergence, Season 1, Episode 4 - No Outlet]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/emergence_s1_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. After learning more about Piper's origins, Jo struggles with the decision to shelter her. Benny enlists a friend to hack Kindred's secret files, and Chris clashes with a headstr...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[New Amsterdam, Season 2, Episode 4 - The Denominator]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/new_amsterdam_2018__s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. When Iggy and Kapoor discover a patient might be suffering from lead poisoning, they are forced to take on the city. Max's unsolicited attempts to help a patient backfire.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Resident, Season 3, Episode 4 - Belief System]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_resident_s3_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. When Devon's patient, who was pronounced dead, suddenly revives, Conrad is left doubting Devon's judgement and wondering what happened. A well-known white supremacist falls unde...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[NCIS: New Orleans, Season 6, Episode 4 - Overlooked]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/ncis_new_orleans_s6_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. The NCIS team uncovers a sinister plot by a private detention center contracted by the government to house undocumented immigrants. Lasalle and Sebastian travel to Alabama to se...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Dancing With the Stars (US), Season 28, Episode 5 - Disney Night]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/dancing_with_the_stars_us__s28_e5.html Aired: 2019-10-14. The opening dance number takes place at Disneyland Resort. The 9 couples dance to a variety of beloved Disney songs.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Voice, Season 17, Episode 7 - The Blind Auditions, Part 7 / The Battles Premiere]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_voice_s17_e7.html Aired: 2019-10-14. The Blind Auditions come to an end as the coaches pick their final contestants. Then the Battle Rounds begin, with the coaches enlisting mentors Normani (Team Kelly), Darius Ruc...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Neighborhood, Season 2, Episode 6 - Welcome to the Wagon]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_neighborhood_s2_e6.html Aired: 2019-10-28. When Dave accidentally knocks out the Butlers' power during a heat wave, Calvin and Tina spend the night at the Johnsons' home, where Calvin makes a surprising discovery about D...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[All American, Season 2, Episode 2 - Speak Ya Clout]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/all_american_s2_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-14. With Spencer torn about where to play football, he is taken aback to learn who his Dad has added to the team. Jordan faces repercussions for not taking his upcoming football gam...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Black Lightning, Season 3, Episode 2 - The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/black_lightning_s3_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-14. With Freeland under full-blown occupation, the Pierce family gets pulled in different directions. Jefferson and Lynn find themselves at odds with each other. Meanwhile, Anissa r...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[All Rise, Season 1, Episode 4 - A View from the Bus]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/all_rise_s1_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. When a jury's field trip to a crime scene takes a dramatic turn, Judge Lola Carmichael must determine if the trip she granted helped the defendant or biased the jury. Also, Mark...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Bull, Season 4, Episode 4 - Her Own Two Feet]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/bull_2016__s4_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. Bull helps a famous social media influencer, Sadie Washington, take her father to court to overturn his legal guardianship over her empire, which he was granted after the young ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Bob Hearts Abishola, Season 1, Episode 4 - Square Hamburger, Round Buns]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/bob_hearts_abishola_s1_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. After Abishola calls off things with Bob, her Auntie Olu sets her up with a Nigerian pharmacist, and Bob tries online dating.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Daily Show, Season 25, Episode 9 - Black Coffee]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_daily_show_s25_e9.html Aired: 2019-10-14. Forget trying to keep pace with 24 hour news networks; the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view o...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Good Doctor, Season 3, Episode 4 - Take My Hand]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_good_doctor_s3_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. As a conspiracy theorist questions Dr. Neil Melendez's of his liver damage, Dr. Claire Brown treats a woman whose inability to feel pain is threatening both her marriage and her...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Conners, Season 2, Episode 4 - Lanford... Lanford]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_conners-2_s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-15. Desperate for more income, Becky seeks a bartending position at Casita Bonita, causing major concern for Dan due to her struggle with alcoholism. Darlene finally nears a decisio...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Bluff City Law, Season 1, Episode 4 - Fire in a Crowded Theater]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/bluff_city_law_s1_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. After a young woman is murdered Elijah and Anthony take on hate-speech in a case against a controversial leader who is represented by Elijah's old friend and attorney Rachel Mad...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Prodigal Son, Season 1, Episode 4 - Designer Complicity]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/prodigal_son_s1_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. As Malcolm's childhood memories start to take shape, he realizes his father's killing spree may not have been a surprise to everyone in his family. While Malcolm continues to in...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[9-1-1, Season 3, Episode 4 - Triggers]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/9-1-1_s3_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. The first responders race to save workers in a high-rise during a fire drill; a mother and her sons involved in a perilous car accident; and squabbling siblings fighting over a ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Made in Chelsea, Season 18, Episode 7 - Episode 7]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/made_in_chelsea_s18_e7.html Aired: 2019-10-14. It's time to peek behind the designer curtains of South West London and meet London's young socially elite, Made in Chelsea. Yes, they're immaculately dressed; yes, they are ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Birch, Season 1, Episode 3 - Blood Money]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_birch_s1_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-11. After Thurston Polk threatens the lone witness of his crime into silence, he and his friends find themselves stalked by a less-than-friendly forest spirit intent on vengeance...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Neighborhood, Season 2, Episode 4 - Welcome to Co-Habitation]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_neighborhood_s2_e4.html Aired: 2019-10-14. When Dave accidentally knocks out the Butlers' power during a heat wave, Calvin and Tina spend the night at the Johnsons' home; Malcolm has some fun at Marty's expense when he c...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Birch, Season 1, Episode 2 - Postpartum]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_birch_s1_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-11. Teenager Lanie Bouchard, finds herself exhibiting disconcerting symptoms after she secretly gives birth to her daughter, Laura. Her adoptive parents planned to keep the pregnanc...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Mr. Robot, Season 4, Episode 2 - 402 Payment Required]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/mr_robot_s4_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Elliot + Darlene come together. Dom gets dark army vibes.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Weekly, Season 1, Episode 15 - Rudy! Rudy?]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_weekly_s1_e15.html Aired: 2019-10-13. After 9/11, he was a national hero: America's Mayor. Now his back-channel work in Ukraine has helped spark an impeachment process that may forever tarnish both him and his clien...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Simpsons, Season 31, Episode 3 - The Fat Blue Line]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_simpsons_s31_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. When the wrong man is arrested for pickpocketing Springfield during the San Castellaneta street festival, Chief Wiggum sets out to catch the real criminal.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Rookie, Season 2, Episode 3 - The Bet]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_rookie_s2_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Nolan navigates building tension in his relationship with Jessica and a developing rapport with Grace, while working a high-stakes criminal case involving an undercover homeland...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Family Guy, Season 18, Episode 3 - Absolutely Babulous]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/family_guy_s18_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. When Stewie receives a participation medal in his school's toddler games, he begins to question everything he has ever won. Meanwhile, Peter causes a fight between Lois' parents...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Robot Chicken, Season 10, Episode 6 - Boogie Bardstown in: No Need, I Have Coupons]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/robot_chicken_s10_e6.html Aired: 2019-10-14. The RC creators imagine what would have happened if Stretch Armstrong had lived during Medieval times. The G.I. Joe team realizes that solving real world problems aren't so easy...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Robot Chicken, Season 10, Episode 5 - Garfield Stockman in: A Voice Like Wet Ham]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/robot_chicken_s10_e5.html Aired: 2019-10-14. Freddy Krueger is getting married and just wants an answer to one simple question: Who is his father? The RC team shows what it's like being the daughter of a plastic Army Man. ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Season 6, Episode 26 - Episode 175]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/last_week_tonight_with_john_oliver_s6_e26.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Main story: The National Weather Service.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Season 17, Episode 5 - Have You Met Kim?]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/keeping_up_with_the_kardashians_s17_e5.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Kim gives the world an intimate look into the busiest week of her life as she prepares for the birth of her fourth baby, stars in a music video with Paris Hilton, and heads to t...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Ballers, Season 5, Episode 8 - Players Only]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/ballers_2014__s5_e8.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Despite having a bullseye on his back, Spencer refuses to back down in his fight for the league's players. Joe embraces a new state of mind as he finds peace with himself. Julie...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Supergirl, Season 5, Episode 2 - Stranger Beside Me]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/supergirl_s5_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Supergirl, Alex and Brainiac thwart an alien attack while William investigates Kara. J'onn J'onzz and Kelly use Obsidian tech to solve a problem.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Shark Tank, Season 11, Episode 3 - Episode 3]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_shark_tank_s11_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Entrepreneurs from Austin, Texas, bring a unique solution to remembering passed loved ones by turning their ashes into diamonds. While entrepreneurs from New York City claim the...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 11, Episode 3 - Hail Mary]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/ncis:_los_angeles_s11_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Callen and Sam run protection detail for retired Navy Admiral Kilbride in an operation to locate a missing Naval intelligence officer.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Righteous Gemstones, Season 1, Episode 9 - Better is the End of a Thing Than Its Beginning]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_righteous_gemstones_s1_e9.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Eli questions his children's future in the Gemstone ministry. Jesse struggles to keep his marriage together. Judy opens up to BJ about her past. A disillusioned Kelvin embraces ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Succession, Season 2, Episode 10 - This Is Not for Tears]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/succession-2_s2_e10.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Logan weighs whether a member of the family--or a top lieutenant--will need to be sacrificed to salvage the company's tarnished reputation. Roman shares his hesitations about a ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[God Friended Me, Season 2, Episode 3 - From Paris with Love]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/god_friended_me_s2_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Miles reunites with Cara in Paris as they seek to unravel clues from the God Account. In New York, Rakesh helps Joy with her latest friend suggestion, Sarah, a parking officer w...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Bob's Burgers, Season 10, Episode 3 - Motor, She Boat]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/bobs_burgers_s10_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Bob and Tina participate in a father-daughter cardboard boat race. Linda takes Gene and Louise to a fire station open house.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Batwoman, Season 1, Episode 2 - The Rabbit Hole]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/batwoman_s1_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Back in Gotham, battling Alice and the Wonderland Gang from the shadows, Kate Kane continues to be haunted by the events surrounding her sister's death 15 years earlier. While t...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Madame Secretary, Season 6, Episode 2 - The Strike Zone]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/madame_secretary_s6_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Elizabeth faces mounting protests over rising fuel costs as she prepares to throw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game. Mike B. is questioned by the Senate Intelligence C...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Bless the Harts, Season 1, Episode 3 - Jenny Unfiltered]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/bless_the_harts_s1_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. When the town has split opinions over a controversial statue, Jenny learns to play both sides to appease her customers and make some extra money. Meanwhile, Violet accompanies B...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Only Way Is Essex, Season 25, Episode 7 - Episode 7]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_only_way_is_essex_s25_e7.html Aired: 2019-10-13. The Only Way Is Essex is a reality series which follows some people living in Essex, including a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers. Ea...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Get Shorty, Season 3, Episode 2 - Dark Roast, Oat Milk, Two Splendas]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/get_shorty_s3_e2.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Miles settles into his assistant job at Budd E. Boy Productions, arousing suspicion and fear in Laurence. Rick calls Miles, Louis and Yago to a secret meeting.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Godfather of Harlem, Season 1, Episode 3 - Our Day Will Come]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/godfather_of_harlem_s1_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Bumpy unexpectedly finds himself at Elise's side when her shoplifting arrest and subsequent abuse is the catalyst for a protest where conflicting interests cause tensions to rise.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Saturday Night Live, Season 45, Episode 3 - David Harbour / Camila Cabello]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/saturday_night_live_s45_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-12. David Harbour hosts with musical guest Camila Cabello]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Birch, Season 1, Episode 1 - Through The Woods]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_birch_s1_e1.html Aired: 2019-10-11. High school loner, Evie Grayson, finds herself in over her head when she witnesses three teenage local drug dealers commit murder deep in the woods. Brutally threatened into sil...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Affair, Season 5, Episode 8 - Episode 8]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_affair_s5_e8.html Aired: 2019-10-13. Allegations against Noah surface and he seeks guidance on how to handle the situation. Helen celebrates a birthday and protects Sierra during an extremely trying time.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[On Becoming a God in Central Florida, Season 1, Episode 9 - Wham Bam Thank You FAM]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/on_becoming_a_god_in_central_florida_s1_e9.html Aired: 2019-10-13. The Orlando FAM community braces for the Wham Bam Thank You FAM 37th Anniversary Jam. Krystal's loyalties are tested. Obie opens his heart to some orphans. Harold says a cuss word.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Power, Season 6, Episode 8 - Deal With the Devil]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/power_s6_e8.html Aired: 2019-10-13. The Feds turn the heat up on Tommy and scare LaKeisha into cooperating. Ghost discontinues a relationship with an ally. Tasha confronts a snitch, which hits a little too close t...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[The Terror, Season 2, Episode 10 - Infamy: Into the Afterlife]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/the_terror-2_s2_e10.html Aired: 2019-10-14. Henry and Asako look to the past to provide answers to their current turmoil; Chester and Luz grapple with their identities in hopes of saving those who are dearest to them; Amy...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[QI XL, Season 18, Episode 6 - Quests: Part One]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/qi_s18_e6.html Aired: 2019-10-11. QI is a BBC panel show that both educates and entertains. QI Masters Stephen Fry [Seasons 1-13] and Sandi Toksvig [Season 14+] ask questions that are very difficult and award p...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Ridiculousness, Season 15, Episode 16 - Wale]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/ridiculousness_s15_e16.html Aired: 2019-10-11. Rob, Steelo and Chanel hang out with Hip-Hop superstar Wale, meet a few women with "No Chill," see who's "Numb to the Madness" and meet some "Fans of the District."]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[QI XL, Season 17, Episode 6 - Quests - Part One]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/qi_s17_e6.html Aired: 2019-10-11. Sandi Toksvig and Alan Davies are joined by Alice Levine, Alan Carr and Phill Jupitus.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Real Time with Bill Maher, Season 17, Episode 30 - Episode 510]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/real_time_with_bill_maher_s17_e30.html Aired: 2019-10-11. Each week Bill Maher surrounds himself with a panel of guests which include politicians, actors, comedians, musicians and the like to discuss what's going on in the world.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Van Helsing, Season 4, Episode 3 - Love Less]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/van_helsing_s4_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-11. A grieving and aimless Axel rescues an enigmatic Max, who returns the favor with a job offer.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Room 104, Season 3, Episode 5 - Drywall Guys]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/room_104_s3_e5.html Aired: 2019-10-11. Two men on an out-of-town drywall gig struggle to find a solution to one's sleepwalking problem.]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Blue Bloods, Season 10, Episode 3 - Behind the Smile]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/blue_bloods_s10_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-11. Frank's esteem for an old friend and late socialite proves to be a mistake when her son threatens to publicly reveal who she really was. Jamie asks Erin for help apprehending a ...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Magnum P.I., Season 2, Episode 3 - Knight Lasts Forever]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/magnum_p_i__s2_e3.html Aired: 2019-10-11. Kumu and Higgins are in danger when Robin's Nest is under siege by mercenaries storming the estate in order to find out the true identity of the White Knight, Robin's muse and l...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Dynasty, Season 3, Episode 1 - Guilt Trip to Alaska]]> https://www1.swatchseries.to/episode/dynasty-2_s3_e1.html Aired: 2019-10-11. On the eve of the Carrington Foundation Fundraiser, drama immediately floods the scene as bodies are pulled from the lake on the Carrington Estate. As reporters and detectives m...]]> Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:38:17 +0000