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  • Pokemon (1997) Tue 18:30 on Cartoon Network
    A young boy named Ash Ketchum embarks on a journey to become a "Pokemon Master" with his first Pokemon, Pikachu. Joining him on his travels are Brock, a girl-obsessed Rock Pokemon Trainer, and Misty, a tomboyish Water Pokemon Trainer who may have ...
  • The Challenge (1998) Wed 21:00 on MTV Canada
    Set in the middle of the jungle, “The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2” returns to a classic team format; 14 Brits will battle it out against 14 Americans for their share of the $1 million-dollar prize.
  • The Purge (2018) Tue 21:00 on
    In an altered America ruled by a totalitarian political party, The Purge is a 12-hour period every year when all crime - including murder - is legal. As the clock winds down to the start of this year’s Purge, several seemingly unrelated characters in a smal...
  • Two and a Half Men (2003) Thu 21:00 on CBS
    Charlie is a well-to-do bachelor with a house at the beach, a Jaguar in the front, and an easy way with women. His casual Malibu lifestyle is interrupted when his tightly wound brother Alan, who's facing a divorce, and his son Jake, come to live with h...
  • Smallville (2001) Fri 20:00 on The CW
    Superman's teen years as Clark Kent find him agonizing over his shy, uncertain persona while dealing with his evolving powers and an infatuation with classmate Lana Lang.
  • Pandora (2019) (2019) Tue 20:00 on
    Set in the year 2199, a young woman who has lost everything finds a new life at Earth's Space Training Academy where she learns to defend the galaxy from intergalactic threats.
  • Scorpion (2014) Mon 22:00 on
    Eccentric genius, Walter O'Brien and his team of brilliant misfits comprise the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age. As Homeland Security's new think tank, O'Brien's 'Scorpion' team include...
  • Married At First Sight (2014) Wed 21:00 on fyi,
    The cart comes way before the horse in the reality series "Married at First Sight." Based on a hit Danish format, "Married..." features six people who agree to participate in an extreme experiment: Each covenants legal marriage with a co...
  • The Secret Daughter (2016) Wed 20:45 on
    A part-time country pub singer has a chance meeting with a wealthy city hotelier which triggers a series of events that will change her life forever. The series explores the worlds of 'the haves' and 'the have nots' with heart, humour, r...
  • The Carrie Diaries (2013) Fri 20:00 on The CW
    Carrie Bradshaw is in her senior year of high school in the early 1980s. She asks her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while navigating the worlds of high school and Manhattan.
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (2019) Fri 3:00 on
    Set at the real-life East High, where the original movie was filmed, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series follows a group of students as they countdown to opening night of their school's first-ever production of “High School Musical.” Show-manc...
  • 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (2019) Mon 21:00 on
    Americans move to a foreign country all in the name of love. Will uprooting their lives in the United States pay off, or will they be packing up and moving back to America brokenhearted?
  • American Chopper: The Series (2006) on
    Documentary series about the goings-on behind the scenes at Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle fabrication company located in Montgomery, New York. The series is also a study of the interplaybetween the Teutels, Paul Sr. and Jr., and the stress tha...
  • The Bachelor Canada (2012) Thu 21:00 on CityTV
    The Canadian Spinoff of The Bachelor
  • Wakfu (2008) Sat 9:30 on France 3
    Follow Yugo and his friends Amalia, Evangelyne, Tristepin, Ruel and Az as they try to rescue the World of Twelve from destruction.
  • Numb3rs (2005) Fri 22:00 on CBS
    We all use math every day... Inspired by actual cases and experiences, Numb3rs depicts the confluence of police work and mathematics in solving crime. An FBI agent recruits his mathematical genius brother to help solve a wide range of challenging crimes ...
  • The Bachelor (NZ) (2015) Mon 19:30 on
    The Bachelor New Zealand producers will be welcoming applications from females aged between 21 – 35 who are genuinely looking for love and would like to take part. MediaWorks will not be doing a casting call for the role of The Bachelor and his identity wil...
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (1996) Fri 20:30 on CBS
    Everybody Loves Raymond revolves around Ray Barone, a successful sportswriter living on Long Island with his wife, Debra, 12-year-old daughter, Ally, and 8-year-old twin sons, Geoffrey and Michael. That's the good news. The bad news? Ray's meddlin...
  • Mom (2013) Thu 21:00 on CBS
    A newly sober single mom tries to pull her life together in Napa Valley while dealing with her wayward mother.
  • Murder Comes To Town (2014) Mon 21:00 on Investigation Discovery
    A sudden, brutal murder will traumatize any community, but when it strikes in a small close-knit town, the effect is devastating. From the rural backwaters of Appalachia to the lonely desert climes of the southwest, MURDER COMES TO TOWN uncovers the shockin...

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